New IDMIL website Info and Instructions


The new IDMIL site is now online everywhere at

To add or edit content on the site, go to the admin page at

– Your username is your first initial followed by your last name, (i.e., mine is jsullivan)
– Your default password is the first inital of your last name followed by your first name, (i.e., mine was sjohn).
– When you log in for the first time, change your password to something unique: From the admin panel, go to Users > Your Profile > New Password and click ‘Generate New’ button. You can keep the automatically generated one or select your own.

If you are having trouble logging on, don’t have a user account set up yet, or have other issues with the site, contact me at

ToDos for IDMIL members:


  • To create new: From admin page, go to ‘People’ and ‘Add New’ and fill in appropriate fields.
    – Upload and set ‘Featured Image’ for your profile photo.
    – Projects and Publications can be selected from dropdown menus in the appropriate fields (note that these will have to be added and, for publications, must have you listed as an author to be associated on your user page)


– Add projects you are involved with, and link them to your user page.
– To create, go to ‘Projects’ and ‘Add New’
– Add ‘Featured Image’ for the project. Important: to preserve uniform formatting on the front page, please use an image with a square (1×1) aspect ratio.
– Note that there is there is a place to embed a video on your page. If you have more than one video you can add them in the project description space.


– Add publications that you have (co-)authored, and link them to your page.
– To create, go to ‘Publications’ and ‘Add New’.
– Fill in appropriate fields.
– For ‘Document URL’ you can link to an external source of the .pdf, or upload your .pdf using the ‘Media’ item in the admin menu.

Next steps

Now that the site is live, I will be working to improve and fine tune the site. Please help by letting me know (via email) if you see anything that is not working, out of place, or needs improving.

Also there is plenty of content to fill in, such as featured projects, dynamic homepage content (featured projects, upcoming events, etc.) that everyone can help to contribute, so please send content my way. format for some of these things has yet to be determined but once everything is in place everyone will be able to update the site directly.

The details are still being worked out on how this site will eventually take over as the main IDMIL site. For now, it will stay at this address and a prominent link to it will be placed on the homepage of the existing We will continue to reassess how best to bridge the two sites, either by transferring content from old to new, or keeping both with the older site available as an archive.