I-CubeX WiDig



John Sullivan


The WiDig is the latest addition to the I-CubeX family of digitizing hardware. By combining the existing features of on-board signal acquisition and mapping with modern wireless protocols, the WiDig can directly map sensor data to MIDI via Bluetooth or OpenSoundControl (OSC) messages via WiFi. It is compatible with existing I-CubeX mapping and configuration tools.

One of the key features of this interface is the ability, via BLE MIDI, to directly interface wirelessly with a wide variety of synthesis applications on nearly all modern computing platforms (both desktop and mobile) without any addition driver software. For higher performance requirements a USB connection is available for wired applications.

It was developed by PhD candidate, Johnty Wang, as part of an industrial collaboration funded by jointly by NSERC and FQRSC


Alex Nieva, Johnty Wang, and Marcelo M. Wanderley

Research Area:

Embedded Systems