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John Sullivan


The T-Stick Digital Musical Instrument.

The T-Stick is a DMI conceived by Joseph Malloch and D. Andrew Stewart at the Input Devices and Music Interaction Laboratory (IDMIL) at McGill University. It has been in development since 2006, has a relatively long history for a DMI, has multiple versions, several expert performers, and has an associated repertoire. More than 20 copies have been built unintended for commercial use. Nevertheless, it has been adopted by expert performers and composers as part of their musical practice including D. Andrew Stewart (Soprano user) and Fernando Rocha (Tenor user). It has appeared in dozens of public appearances in countries such as Canada, USA, Brazil, Italy, Norway, and Portugal.


T-Stick connection guide v1.0 for wireless T-Sticks (model 2GW-19X)

Sopranino 2GW-181. Specification Sheet: Specs-Sopranino-2GW-181

For all related documentation of the 9 T-Sticks available at the IDMIL (software, schematics, specs) go to:

For more information see old project webpage at


Alex Nieva, Edu Meneses, Johnty Wang, and Marcelo M. Wanderley

External Participants:

Joseph Malloch –

D. Andrew Stewart –

Research Area:

Interface Design


. The T-Stick: Maintaining a 12 year-old digital musical instrument
. The T-Stick : From Musical Interface to Musical Instrument



Still Life: Eviction for soprano t-stick by D. Andrew Stewart

GuitarAMI + T-Stick Sopranino: