Webmapper: A Tool for Visualizing and Manipulating Mappings in Digital Musical Instruments




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Johnty Wang, Jospeh Malloch, Stephen Sinclair, Jonathan Wilansky, Aaron Krajeski, and Marcelo M. Wanderley


This paper describes the motivation, implementation, and usage of the application Webmapper, a tool for visualizing and manipulating mappings in the context of digital musical instrument (DMI) design. Webmapper is a user interface for interacting with devices on the libmapper network, a distributed system for making dynamic connections between signals within discrete devices that constitute a DMI. This decoupling of the mapping as a separate entity allows flexible representation and manipulation by any tool residing on the network—exemplified by Webmapper. We demonstrate the capability and potential utility of providing different representations of mappings in the work-flow of DMI design under a variety of collaborative and individual use cases, and present four visualizations applied to mappings used from a previous project as a concrete example.

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Conference Paper

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14th International Symposium on Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research


Marseille, France

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