Autoregressive Parameter Estimation for Equalizing Vibrotactile Systems



Aditya TB

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Aditya Tirumala Bukkapatnam, Philippe Depalle, Marcelo M. Wanderley


Musical performance, involving highly physical and cognitive expertise, can benefit from vibrotactile feedback systems offering independent control of amplitude and frequency of vibration over a wide frequency bandwidth. For advanced musical use, it is essential to perform the characterization of the amplifiers and actuators involved, as well as the equalization of their overall frequency response characteristics, a step typically implemented with the help of manually configured parametric equalizers. This paper proposes an autoregressive method that automatically estimates minimum-phase filter parameters, which by design, remain stable upon inversion. This approach is shown to offer a less heuristic approach to equalization. We demonstrate this method with an example implementation and discuss the degree of equalization achieved using it.

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Conference Paper

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International Workshop on Haptic and Audio Interaction Design


Lille, France

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