Composition Techniques for the Ilinx Vibrotactile Garment




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Ian Hattwick, Ivan Franco, Marcello Giordano, Deborah Egloff, Valérie Lamontagne, Ian Arawjo, Maurizio Martinucci, Chris Salter, Marcelo M. Wanderley


In 2014 the multi-sensory immersive experience Ilinx was premiered at the TodaysArt 2014 festival in The Hague. A key element of this work was the creation of a full-body vibrotactile garment that provided haptic sensations, working in tandem with the visual and auditory elements of the piece.
The tactile sensory channel is significantly different from the auditory channel, posing novel challenges from both the technical and conceptual perspectives. We describe our experiences in the addressing these challenges and focus particularly in the discussion of different techniques for the creation of tactile stimuli compositions in a multimedia work.

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Conference Paper

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Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference


Denton, USA

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