The Scalability of WiFi for Mobile Embedded Sensor Interfaces





Johnty Wang, Eduardo Meneses, Marcelo M. Wanderley


In this work we test the performance of multiple ESP32 microcontrollers used as WiFi sensor interfaces in the context of real-time interactive systems. The number of devices from 1 to 13, and individual sending rates from 50 to 2300Hz are tested to provide examples of various network load situations that may resemble a performance configuration. The overall end-to-end latency and bandwidth are measured as the basic performance metrics of interest. The results show that a maximum message rate of 2300Hz is possible on a 2.4GHz network for a single embedded device and decreases as the number of devices are added. During testing it was possible to have up to 7 wireless devices transmitting at 100Hz to a wireless receiver via a router while attaining less than 10ms of end-to-end latency. Performance however degrades with increasing sending rates and number of devices. Additionally, performance can also vary significantly from day to day depending on network usage in a crowded environment.

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Conference Paper

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Proc. of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME)


Birmingham, U.K.

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